Owners: Charlotte Robinson & Ellen Greenberg

QUICK CULTURE offers private and scheduled group Art Appreciation Tours & Cultural Experiences in the Los Angeles area and beyond.


QUICK CULTURE was created because we wanted to share our passion for art by making visits to an art museum a fun, enjoyable and "attitude-free" experience.   As docents at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, we gave tours to children who were visiting the art museum on school field trips. Although initially designed for children, these specially crafted tours provoked a dialogue that captivated adults as well, which begged the question:  “Why not offer this art appreciation experience to all ages?"


With this singular vision in mind, we established QUICK CULTURE, an art appreciation tour company that provides small, private and scheduled group tours given by museum-trained Art Guides.  QUICK CULTURE is the first company in Los Angeles to offer these unique, personalized private and group tours for all ages that provide an entertaining approach to understanding art. 


If you want a private tour just for you or a group, just give us a call to set up a date and time.  Or, browse our tour list and join a tour that has already been scheduled.  Either way, we are here to ensure that you get a personalized experience by keeping all our tour groups no larger than 12 people per art guide. 


Is it Modern Art or Toddler Art?
Which paintings are done by Toddlers and which by Modern Artists?
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Romance Tours at LACMA

The funniest movie scene set in a museum ever. Enjoy!

Answers to the movie quiz
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Quick Culture News

July 2013 Newsletter
Palm Springs in the summer!
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Are you curious to discover your artistic nature?  


If the answer is yes, then why not join Ellen on a fabulous trip to Tuscany this October and discover or rediscover this centuries old, inspiring part of the world while you immerse yourself in luxury at a five-star historic villa.


To find out more about this Art and Cultural experience just open the PDF below.

Pittura a Firenze: A Week of Art and Culture in Tuscany - October 2013
Join Ellen on a fabulous trip to Florence.
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Winter 2012/2013 Newsletter
India: A Kaleidoscope of Culture, Colors and Contrasts - - 50 shades of tradition
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Quick Culture expressly disclaims any affiliation with or sponsorship by any of the museums or galleries that are visited during the tours